The Siribhoovalaya is a unique work of literature written by Kumudendu Muni, a Jain monk, who was born in Karnataka. The work is unique because it is written in numerals not alphabet, and no other such manuscript known to exist. The first President of independent India called it the eighth wonders of world due to its uniqueness and hiding so much literature in its short form. Only one copy of this Siribhoovalaya work is available so far.

The work consists of squares called Chakras. Every chakra has been divided into 27x27 spaces in all 729 spaces in one Chakra. Every space is allotted one numerical from 1 to 64. Every number can be allotted one alphabet of 64 Kannada alphabets. Only 1270 chakras are available so far. These chakras are expected to have all literature of the whole world engulfed in them in 718 languages. These chakras have been divided into 59 chapters. These Chakras can be decoded in innumerable patterns called Bandhas. Several Bandhas have been named in the work but not many details are available about them. The work is said to have 600,000 shalokas(stanza) in kannada language and it is said that all Vedas, Mahabharat, Ramayan and all Jain literature can be decoded through this work, i.e. Siribhoovalaya software . .

Siribhoovalaya Software Features

Load and save of whole chakra

Load and save of individual chakra status

Maintains History / Log of the work

Multi-language support

Font , Color and Size Adjustments

Easy pluggable new patterns

User Friendly Application

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